Do you have equipment to recycle? What are you waiting for?

Sustainable Computer Recycling

Our core purpose is to enable the access to education by donating technology to disadvantages regions.

We’re not just an IT recycling company, we enhance sustainability efforts for our clients by introducing a circular economy.

We donate the best equipment to charities and community projects.

Our audit trail documents all redundant assets and their journey to the projects they have helped support, creating a unique story that is then sent to various media channels.

Free PR for you and your company, just by using a different IT recycler.

We have supported projects such as Msaada in Rwanda by donating laptops to a school, and because of the donations, is now fully supported financially for technology by the government.

Your equipment isn't waste, it is the opportunity to provide education and change lives.

AATF Approved

We receive WEEE on behalf of a producer compliance scheme (PCS) in line with best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques (BATRRT).

T11 Waste Exemption

Our T11 Exemption allows us to repair, refurbish or dismantle various types of WEEE so the whole item or any dismantled parts can be reused or recovered.

Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier

As Upper Tier Waste Carrier and Dealer, we are able to arrange for waste from other businesses to be transported, recovered or disposed of.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers provide a cost-effective and safe solution for PC disposal. Donate your old PCs and help make technology affordable for others.

Charitable Donations

Charitable IT Donations

We are passionate about supporting a number of charities and community projects with quality, refurbished IT equipment to help improve lives and education.

Great Causes

CSR Reports

Corporate Social Responsibility

Donate your redundant IT equipment to meet sustainability and corporate social responsibility targets, including free PR and a CSR story your colleagues will be proud of.

Be Sustainable

A Unique Express Service

Express Service

Next day service as standard with same-day, out-of-hours, weekend, and bank holiday offerings, we support all year round because we understand IT departments needs.

No More Waiting

Legally Compliant


We remove the hassle of compliance by completing all paperwork for you and aim to reduce waste through reuse whilst fully complying with WEEE directives.

Be Compliant

Secure Data Destruction

Shredded Hard Drives

With satellite tracked vehicles, a secure premises, and National Cyber Security Centre level overwriting you can be sure we uphold the highest standards in data security.

Protect Your Data

Environmentally Responsible


We promote sustainable computing through the ethos of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. Zero electrical waste is sent to landfill and we do not export overseas.

Be Ethical


Jobs Complete


Happy Clients


Tonnes Recycled


To Landfill

Our Core Values

Protect the Environment

Integral to everything we do; our mission is to make an impact on the circular economy, promoting reuse and working with partners to reduce the amount of electrical waste produced.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We not only believe in being sustainable, and enhancing social activities, but also enabling other businesses to benefit society while boosting their own brands.

Proactive Teamwork

Our company thrives on togetherness, with more proactive information sharing, more engagement, and helping each other to provide a better service to our clients and charities.


Our operations are consistent with our values. Our personnel adhere strictly to the ethics of transparency, honesty and professionalism in service delivery.


Do you have equipment to recycle? What are you waiting for?