Audit Compliance Reports

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Recycling Manager

Online Reports

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Once your equipment has been processed, our online recycling manager displays all data related to your current and past collections. You are able to view and download recycling and data destruction certificates, along with an asset report and detailed information regarding hard drive data destruction. The asset report shows items along with their serial and asset numbers, which can then be exported to a .csv or .txt file.

Asset Reports

Our paid collection services are accompanied with full online asset reports detailing the equipment collected.

Ease of Access

No need to search through past emails or wonder which email address certifications were sent to, all of your recycling data is in one place.

Data Export

Asset reports and data destruction reports can be exported to .csv, .txt, or JSON file for accounting or verification purposes.


No unneccesary printing and posting certificates, full instant, digital access to all recycling related data.


Download or view data destruction and recycling certificates with minimal fuss.

Historical Data

Our system keeps track of all historical data and you are able to download certificates or view asset reports from past collections.


If you need to search for a specific item, there is a convenient search bar to locate it without having to trawl through hundreds of items.


Hard drives are allocated an item number corresponding to the equipment they were removed from and you can easily view each linked drive.

Do you have equipment to recycle? What are you waiting for?