We always strive to improve ourselves.

Legally Compliant

We are always striving to improve our operations and will update this page as we gain extra certifications. Listed below are our current certifications and explanations of why they are needed or beneficial.

T11 Waste Exemption

T11 Exemption

This Environment Agency waste exemption allows us to repair, refurbish or dismantle various types of waste electrical and electronic equipment so that the whole WEEE item or any dismantled parts can be reused for their original purpose or dismantled parts can be recovered.

Upper Tier Waste Carrier Dealer

Waste Carrier/Dealer

Waste carrier, broker or dealer registration helps businesses meet their duty of care to ensure that controlled waste is transported and disposed of legally and safely. This includes transporting waste whilst travelling from job to job, to a storage place for disposal later, or to a waste disposal company or waste site.

Any waste holder may transfer waste to someone who transports it (a contractor). The contractor must be registered as a waste carrier with a regulatory authority (Environment Agency for England & Wales, SEPA for Scotland). It is important that the holder also checks that the waste is being correctly disposed of by the contractor (ask where it is being sent or delivered to).

Information Commissioner's Office Registration


The Data Protection Act 1998 requires every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), unless they are exempt.

Certificate of Recycling

Certificate of Recycling

The Certificate of Recycling is presented to our clients once all items have been processed, to display ethical and compliant recycling of redundant equipment.

Certificate of Destruction

Certificate of Destruction

The Certificate of Destruction is presented as confirmation all data associated with a consignment has been destroyed and complies with EU GDPR legislation and the Data Protection Act 1998.